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Servicing Contact Information

Important: Email is NOT a secure form of communication. We highly recommend you do NOT include any sensitive personal information (like account number, social security number, and so forth) in any email communications with us.

Servicing email address:
Servicing Toll Free phone: 1-800-360-2876
Servicing Fax Number: (207) 862-7307
Delinquency Resolution Team: 1-855-862-7280

Error Resolution and Information Requests


CUSO Mortgage Corporation has established an address for borrowers to use to assert an error or request information.  Submit your written notice of errors and request for information to the address below or via email at


CUSO Mortgage Corp.

Attn:  Servicing Manager

PO Box 663

Hampden ME  04444

Simon Churchill
Customer Relations Specialist
(207) 862-2876 ext. 3274

  • Web payments
  • Mortgage payoffs/discharges
  • Escrow Holdback Disbursements
  • Loss Draft Disbursements
  • Miscellaneous Customer Service questions

Jennifer Clavette & Rebecca Sanborn
Customer Service Representatives
(207) 862-2876 ext. 3219

  • Homeowners Insurance
  • PMI
  • Life Insurance
  • Disability Insurance
  • HPML Loan Set-Up
  • Web Payments
  • Miscellaneous Customer Service questions

Ezabell England
Customer Service Representative

  • Real Estate Taxes
  • Payment Posting Inquiries
  • Web Payments
  • Miscellaneous Customer Service questions

Deltena McCormick
Customer Service Representative

  • Loan Set Up
  • Web Payments
  • Miscellaneous Customer Service questions

Vicki Fox & Robert Smith
 (207) 862-7280 or 1-855-862-7280

  • Delinquency Resolution Specialists
  • Loss Migration Options
  • Foreclosure Alternatives

Kim Green & Pauline Duchesneau
QC Specialist
(207) 862-2876
  • Post-Closing follow-up documentation
  • Electronic File Delivery
  • Original Note Delivery

Darby Vigue, AVP & Servicing Manager, can be reached at (207) 862-7298